Bubblegum Dream Jar
Fizz Sherbet

Bubblegum Dream Jar

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This one is for the sweet tooths! Take your drinks from basic to boujie with Bubblegum garnish. 

This one matches any of our non-alcoholic cocktails and is sure to help you get the party started. 

Sprinkle the garnish onto the plate, rim the cocktail glass with a slice of lemon or lime, then roll through the garnish. 

What makes SMUG AF Cocktails different?

Non-alcoholic spirits included & fresh Australian juice
The same mouthfeel as alcohol & a whole palate experience
A warming sensation that replicates alcohol & tricks your brain
The most authentic non-alcs on the market

Smug has established a reputation in the non-alc world as the most authentic replication of alcohol you can find.

Now with four classic flavours, you can keep even the most discerning of drinkers happy

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