Kid's t-shirt - AUS & NZ

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Your kids are the reason you don't drink! Let's buck the mummy wine culture by sharing messages about coping with parenting in positive ways.

We know parenting is tough but you don't need wine to get through, you've got this.

This kid's tee is heavy duty, perfect for messy playground play. The fabric is 100% cotton, comfotable, relaxed fit.

.: 100% Cotton 
.: Light fabric 
.: Classic fit
.: Tear away label
.: Runs true to size

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Width, cm 41.00 43.00 46.00 48.00 51.00
Length, cm 52.00 56.00 60.00 64.00 67.00
Sleeve length, cm 16.10 17.80 19.00 20.30 21.60


What makes SMUG AF Cocktails different?

Non-alcoholic spirits included & multiple complex flavours
The same mouthfeel as alcohol & a whole palate experience
A warming sensation that replicates alcohol & tricks your brain
What will be next?
The most authentic non-alcs on the market

Smug has established their reputation in the non-alc world as the most authentic replications of alcohol you can find. What will be the next two classic cocktails we'll add to the list? Watch our social media as we release clues - but be careful, the more clues you get the higher the price. Trust us and pre-order for the biggest discount.