Margi Lovers Bundle
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Margi Lovers Bundle

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Margaritas Baby! 

It's time to get the party started with this Margarita pack! What's included: 

- 4 pk Coconut Marg

- 4 pk Classic Marg

The classic Margarita is a little spicy, with a warming sensation at the back of the pallet. The coconut Margarita has the perfect balance of sweet, creamy and citrus. 

Try them both today!

What makes SMUG AF Cocktails different?

Non-alcoholic spirits included & fresh Australian juice
The same mouthfeel as alcohol & a whole palate experience
A warming sensation that replicates alcohol & tricks your brain
The most authentic non-alcs on the market

Smug has established a reputation in the non-alc world as the most authentic replication of alcohol you can find.

Now with four classic flavours, you can keep even the most discerning of drinkers happy

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