Drinks for inclusion
No more missing out when you're not drinking


We have redefined what it means to "have a drink."
Our AF Cocktails are made with non-alcoholic spirits and flavours when others are having a cocktail, you get one too. No more wishy-washy botanical flavours or high sugar mocktails. These drinks match the ones you used to love. We have paid careful attention to each detail including; mouthfeel, flavour profile and viscosity.

Taste the Details


When we started Smug AF we made a list of everything that was missing in the non-alcoholic space. Then we set out on a mission to fix them.

We wanted something low calories & low sugar, something made with non-alcoholic spirits so it tasted like alcohol. We wanted to replicate known flavours, no weird botanicals or unknown combinations here.

Drink Less
Live More

Need some tips to drink less?

Premium Experience

We don't mess around with cheap ingredients or amateur flavours. We have formulated with high-end non-alcoholic spirits and flavours, blended with fresh juice.

Some of our drinks are dosed with nitrogen to replicate the creamy consistency you would expect from behind the bar.

No more settling for mocktail imitations that belong in the soda section of the grocery aisle, Smug AF has been crafted to replicate the cocktail experience.