About Us


Hey, Loz & Jo here,

We're so glad you found us.

This is our story; firstly it should be known, we met 4yrs ago on the dance floor at a very boozy wedding- we were very much contributing to that boozy atmosphere! A big part of our friendship revolved around alcohol especially when we went on holidays to Vegas.

However, the dusty mornings and lack of productivity began to out weigh the fun and we soon realised that alcohol was holding our potential hostage. 

So after years of cutting back, having a break, and then drinking again, Jo decided enough was enough and quit drinking altogether on December 30, 2020.

And after an extreme health scare with her dad in late 2020, Loz cut right down with long stretches of not drinking at all. 

With our new found fresh mornings we noticed a peculiar feeling... that feeling was Smug. Especially Smug AF if someone else happened to be wrangling a hangover. 

We dove into the alcohol-free options but were hit with flavoured tonic waters or sugar filled juice. After a few months of soda water and limes, we started craving a drink with a sophisticated and complex flavour profile.   

We wanted to create a drink that didn't sacrifice, a drink we'd be proud to cheers and hold in the air on the dance floor. A drink that reminded us of the drinks we used to love - but without the hangover & regret! 

So Smug was born with the commitment to replicate our favourite cocktails. Refreshing, complex and so like the real thing you’ll be questioning if you really can drive home after a couple.

This isn't about not drinking, it's about having choice. A tool in your toolkit that can be whipped out if you're pregnant (or trying to be), training for a marathon, prepping for the wedding, taking a break, or just don't want to feel rubbish tomorrow. 

Whatever your goals, Smug is here to support you.

We're committed to creating a community that encourages mindful drinking- however that looks for you; 100% sober, sober curious, intermittent drinker or otherwise. A safe and inclusive space to explore the AF movement and see how you feel. 

We'd love you to come and connect with us on our socials, we love meeting new people who are putting themselves and their health first. We hope we can educate, inspire and entertain you along the way. 

Welcome xx