Virgin Cosmopolitan
Virgin Cosmopolitan
Virgin Cosmopolitan
Virgin Cosmopolitan
Virgin Cosmopolitan
Virgin Cosmopolitan
Smug AF Cocktails

Virgin Cosmopolitan

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This drink is dangerously drinkable and oh-so-sexy! 

Tart and sweet - the perfect combination. Made with fresh Australian cranberry juice to give you a dusty pink cocktail that looks spectacular in the glass. The non-alcoholic Cointreau comes through on the nose giving off delicate orange notes and is balanced with the tart cranberry and lime on the palate. 

For maximum impact, shake the can vigorously for 20 seconds before pouring it into a cocktail coup, garnish with a lemon twist, or eatable rose petals. 

Check out our comparison chart to see how our Cosmo stacks up against the alcoholic version. 


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What makes SMUG AF Cocktails different?

Non-alcoholic spirits included & fresh Australian juice
The same mouthfeel as alcohol & a whole palate experience
A warming sensation that replicates alcohol & tricks your brain
The most authentic non-alcs on the market

Smug has established a reputation in the non-alc world as the most authentic replication of alcohol you can find.

Now with four classic flavours, you can keep even the most discerning of drinkers happy

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