2 weeks into Dry July

2 weeks into Dry July

Congratulations! If you're doing Dry July you have just hit 2 weeks alcohol free. What an incredible achievement. It really isn't easy to abstain from a culturally acceptable substance that is ingrained in our daily lives so well done!

In as little as two weeks you may have already started to feel some changes. Here are my top 7 advantages after 2 weeks off the sauce..

  1. Improved Mental Clarity. Alcohol can impair cognitive function and affect your ability to think clearly. You should have noticed an improvement in your ability to focus, concentrate and overall enhanced mental performance
  2. Better Sleep Quality. Although alcohol may appear to help you fall asleep faster due to it’s relaxation properties it stops the body from being able to fall into REM sleep which is essential for recovery and restoration. Since you haven’t drunk alcohol in 2 weeks you may be noticing you’re able to sleep through the night better and waking up more rested.
  3. Improved Emotional Well-being. Alcohol impacts your mood, increases irritability, increases anxiety and depression. Taking a break from alcohol allows your body and mind to recalibrate and find a state of homeostasis (balance).
  4. Improved Physical Health. Even a relatively short break from alcohol allows your liver and kidneys a chance to repair. If you are consciously increasing your water intake during Dry July too, you will see additional improvements in the rehydration of your body and skin.
  5. Financial Savings. Alcohol is expensive but the additional expenses that come with drinking are also saved when you have a break. No more Uber eats the day after or expensive cab rides around the city.
  6. Finding more time. It is amazing how much more time you create in your life when you remove one element. Without a hangover on a Sunday you have an additional 24hrs in your week!
  7. Discovering new ways to cope with stress. When you remove alcohol, you will not remove stress. It is important to discover new ways to deal with challenging times when they come up. How have you managed to deal with stress in the last two weeks? I’d love to hear.

Benefits of removing alcohol for two weeks can differ from person to person. I’d love to hear what you’re noticing and how you’re feeling by leaving us a comment below.

Good luck on the next two weeks and beyond, I’m here for you.



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