Want a deeper connection this Valentines Day?

Want a deeper connection this Valentines Day?

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love and connection with our significant other. But for some, this holiday can bring stress and pressure to have the perfect night. On the outside, drinking appears to be a great way to connect with your partner but how many of us have had one too many and it's turned into an argument or a bit of a blurry night that you can't really remember. 

Whether you’re looking to save money, avoid alcohol in Feb Fast, or simply switch things up this year, an alcohol-free Valentine’s Day can be just as romantic, and even more meaningful.

Drinking alcohol is often a central aspect of Valentine’s Day celebrations, but it can also contribute to feelings of disinhibition and decreased connection with our partner. Instead of relying on alcohol, focus on meaningful activities and experiences that bring you closer together.

Here are some ideas for an alcohol-free Valentine’s Day- that won't cost you much, and will increase connection and love in your relationship:

  1. A Picnic in the Park - Pack a basket of your favourite foods, grab a blanket and enjoy a romantic picnic in your local park. Spending time outdoors and in nature can be both relaxing and rejuvenating.

  2. Cooking Together - Get creative in the kitchen by cooking a special meal together. Whether it’s a three-course dinner or simply a dessert, cooking together is a fun and intimate activity that can strengthen your bond.

  3. A Game Night - Break out your favourite board games or card games for a night of friendly competition and laughter. This is a great way to unwind, have fun and connect with your partner.

  4. Spa Night at Home - Treat yourselves to a relaxing spa night at home. Take a bubble bath, give each other massages and enjoy some quiet time together.

  5. A Cultural Experience - Visit a museum, art gallery, or theatre to experience something new together. This is a great opportunity to bond over shared interests and expand your horizons.

  6. Nature Walk - Take a long walk together, either in your local park or in a nearby nature reserve. This is a great way to connect with each other and enjoy the beauty of nature.

  7. A Movie Marathon - Spend the night watching your favourite movies at home. Take it one step further and blow up a mattress in the lounge room to increase the snuggle opportunities. 

  8. Volunteer Together - Give back to your community by volunteering together. Doing something for others that are less fortunate is a great way to increase gratitude for your own life and relationship.

  9. A Karaoke Night - stay with me, I know you would usually only do this with a bit of liquid courage but challenging yourself to do something scary and out of your comfort zone while sober will skyrocket your confidence. You will be laughing and reminiscing about this experience for years to come.

  10. A Couples Yoga Class - Spend an evening stretching and relaxing together in a couples yoga class. Try hot yoga or speciality couples yoga classes. It's a great way to build your relationship and health at the same time. 

We challenge you to have an alcohol-free Valentine’s Day this year. It will be a refreshing change from the norm and help you to focus on what’s truly important - your love and connection with your partner. Choose an activity you both enjoy and spend quality time together, building a more meaningful and memorable experience.

By choosing activities that increase connection and love, you’ll be able to make the most of this holiday and strengthen your relationship. Whether you’re staying in or going out, there are endless possibilities for a romantic and meaningful Valentine’s Day without alcohol.

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