How to host the best Spring event

How to host the best Spring event
As the weather warms up and we throw off our winter woolies and withdraw from hibernation, the pull to gather our loved ones and throw open our doors for a party gets stronger.

Whether you're planning to have a few friends over for a BBQ, Friday night drinks or working up to a Pinterest-worthy opulent celebration; we recommend padding out the drink fridge with some non-alcs... not because we don't think you should have any booze at all - it's about keeping it classy.

Tips for serving non-alc drinks:
  • Serve them up in a fancy glass - even if you're not serving a Smug, sparkling water with lime and ice in a wine glass will help you (or your guest) feel more like an adult who belongs at the "big people" table and therefore less self-conscious.
  • Create an open bar situation so that anyone who wants to keep their sobriety (or reduced alcohol intake) on the down-low can quietly serve themselves and join in the fun with their non-alc cocktail - no sticking out and, if it's a Smug, no missing out!  
  • Offer up the non-alc to your guests on arrival so everyone knows there are great options available. Then your guest will be empowered to choose their goals over hangovers - believe me, their Smug face will love you for it the following day. 
  • Have a variety of options on-hand - zero beers, some bubbles and non-alc cocktails - our mixed pack is a real crowd pleaser with all the classics.
Let us know how you get on. Better still, post some pics of your event and tag us - REMEMBER every time you post on socials, you go in the draw to win FREE Smug.

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