Warm weather - is it a trigger to drink for you too?

Warm weather - is it a trigger to drink for you too?

Warmer weather can be a big trigger for many people to crack a cold one, myself included. 

It's interesting how we develop such strong neuropathways and particular weather or situations can start an internal fascination and romanticization of having a drink. 

Here are our 3 top tips for sticking to your goals during the warmer months. 

  1. Know your WHY and refer back to it. This is our number one point because having a clear reason as to why you want to make this change will allow you to say no to everything else that isn't in line with your goal. If you haven't taken the time to write down your WHY do it this weekend and keep it somewhere you can see. I like to keep mine pinned inside my mirror so I am reminded each morning.
  2. Have some quality non-alc drinks available for when a craving hits. Remember many non-alcoholic drinks are still hard to get, ours included, so buy online BEFORE the cravings hit so you're not left stranded. 
  3. Distract yourself. Cravings usually only last up to 20mins. Go for a walk, change your routine, take the kids out, or call a friend. Do something to break the thinking about drinking. 

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